Current World Records

The videos and screenshots of every record

Android Records

The Third Wheel - 0 Moves (Set: 13 Jan 2015)
Misty's Long Bony Road - 9 Seconds (Set: 17 Jan 2015)
Second Hand Smoke - 38 Balls (Set: 24 Jan 2015)

Players YouTube Videos

Daft as Brush




naveed rizvi


dwerdwer (closed)




Marius' Media

Everything he had stored in the now dead
location of

Pavke's Pics

Pavke's own collection of screenshots

2D Boy Goodies

Most of the contents from
I excluded the larger versions of some videos to keep this download relatively small. The ones left out were:
WoG_PreRoll_1.0_(huffyuv_2.1.1_wav), trailer2.2(lagarith),
trailer2.2(huffyuv_2.1.1), WoG_trailer3_(huffyuv_2.1.1),
WoG_trailer3_(lagarith) & WoG_Trailer_2.5_forAndroidRelease

Expired Web Pages

World of Goo Corp

Ceased: between 25 Aug & 30 Dec 2007
This is the site as it originally looked back when the game was still in early development.

WoG Leaderboards of Excellence
30 Oct 08 | 05 Nov 08 | 05 Dec 08
19 Dec 08 | 20 Dec 08 | 29 Dec 08
06 Jan 09 | 10 Jan 09 | 04 Feb 09

Ceased: 8 Feb 2009
The short lived official leaderboards that were taken down due to persistent cheating.
There are 9 page captures available from various dates. The same set of stats can only be displayed since the page used AJAX to load scores.

1.30 Patch Download Centre

Ceased: between 24 Apr & 17 May 2013
This patch was created for those who bought the retail boxed version.

Kyle Gabler's Site
1st Layout
| 2nd Layout

1st Layout
Ceased: between 30 Aug & 14 Oct 2007
His sites initial design showcasing his works.
Note: There are a few things in this mirror that dont work:
> Engineering page - the Pong and Love Train vids (although the latter can be partly viewed in VLC player).
> Video page - the Quicktime version of The Visitor.
2nd Layout
Ceased: between 11 & 30 May 2013
A temporary page while he planned a new site (that never materialized).

Soultaker's Profile Viewer
Example of index page
Example of profile page

Ceased: between 4 & 24 Jun 2009

In late Oct 08, a guy called Soultaker created an online tool capable of decrypting the pers2 save file allowing players to view/share their level scores, and best of all, see a generated image of their WoG Corp tower.
These features were later incorporated into GooFans along with all the profiles.

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